Want Your Reception to Last All Night Long? Here’s How

If your idea of the best day ever includes a dance party that lasts all night, you’ve definitely come to the right place! If you ask us, there’s no better way to end your big day than to dance all night and celebrate with your closest family and friends.

After all of the planning that’s gone into your wedding, of course you want your guests to enjoy your reception as long as possible. But how do you make your reception last all night long? We’ve got a few pro tips for you!


A well-planned timeline is one of the best ways to keep your celebration going on into the wee hours. We highly recommend consulting with a wedding planner to create the best timeline possible!

Ultimately the perfect wedding timeline will strike a balance - it’s best to have a timeline that flows well (it keeps things moving!), but doesn’t rush through the festivities. Avoid lulls in your timeline, so guests don’t start to get bored. If they’re left waiting for something exciting to happen, they’re likely to start thinking about leaving.

Having a printed program for each guest or a timeline posted on an easel can help keep guests informed about everything the night has to offer, and they’ll stick around to experience it. Your emcee or DJ can also announce what’s to come. If guests know that there’s a delicious late lunch on the way or a sparkler exit to be part of, they’ll want to be there for it.


It won’t surprise you to hear that we think that keeping your guests comfortable is super important. After all, that’s the whole reason we created Rescue Flats! We know that comfortable guests are free to enjoy themselves and dance the night away.

It’s not just comfortable feet that keep guests at a party, though. Ensuring that there are plenty of food and drinks available is one of the best ways to keep your guests’ feeling great.

It’s also important to ensure that your venue is a pleasant temperature. Too hot, and people won’t be able to stay on the dance floor for long; too cold and they’ll be thinking of getting home and tucking into a warm bed. Fans or mist bottles can be great for hot climates, and there is no shortage of cute ways to keep your guests cozy at a winter or cool-weather wedding!

If your friends are the type who will definitely be Instagramming all of the action, keep them happy by providing a charging station. They’ll be able to stay on the dance floor without worrying about ordering an Uber before their phone dies. And you’ll get even more photos posted with your wedding hashtag - everyone wins!


Guests are bound to stay all night if there are fun things to keep them entertained. Photo booths are one of the best types of wedding entertainment - it’s definitely a wedding trend that isn’t going anywhere! Most photo booths offer unlimited prints, so guests can keep thinking of funny ways to use it throughout the night… and we can guarantee that they’ll get more and more ‘creative’ as the night goes on (and as the drinks keep flowing!).

Lawn games for an outdoor reception can also provide great entertainment, as well as special musical performances or flair bartending.

Party all night!

Lastly, the absolute most important factor in making your reception last all night long… is that the newlyweds are celebrating all night long! You’re the guests of honor, and the reason that everyone has gathered. Your guests will be looking to you for cues on how to celebrate - you are truly the life of the party. If you spend most of the night sitting at tables and chatting, there’s a good chance that your guests will too.

So if you want an epic dance party, get on the dance floor! Try not too spend too much time outside of the reception. If you have to leave for photos or to get a bit of fresh air, try to keep it brief. If your guests think you’ve left for the night, they’ll follow suit.

It also helps a lot to greet each guest personally at some point, whether it’s in a receiving line, or visiting each table during dinner. If guests haven’t been able to greet you personally, they may feel disconnected from the party, and feel like they can leave early without being noticed.

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