Our Fabulous Flats

A genuine treat for feet, Rescue Flats are elegantly simple (and simply elegant), uber-comfy foldable flats purposely made for repeated wearings.

Your guests can’t help but be comfortable in flats that look and feel this good. (Did we mention they’re fabulous?)

Made to Love. Made to last…

…all night and at a ‘not-too-early breakfast’ the next day

  • Fantastic elastic to keep your toesies secure and you on your feet – all night long!
  • Padding in all the right places – for all the right reasons –like Comfort.
  • Goes-with-any-outfit faux leather finish – weatherproof of course, since your guests are going to want to wear them home. Seriously.
  • Tough but tender flexible, cleanable scuff-proof soles.

Rescue Flats | http://rescueflats.com | Luxury Dancing Slipper Wedding Favors | Foldable Ballet Flats Available In Multiple Colors

Not sure how many box sets to order? We recommend 1 box set per 60 wedding guests.

 Guests Recommended Boxes
10-60 1
61-120 2
121-180 3
181-240 4
241-300 5
301-360 6
361-420 7