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PREMIUM BALLET FLATS. Thrilled guests. timeless memories.


Jacklyn and Brandon

We displayed our Rescue Flats outside during the cocktail hour and right next to our dance floor on a vintage table. We had a live band, so our guests danced all night long thanks to Rescue Flats. They were such a huge hit and made our reception so special.

Monique and Gabriel

Rescue Flats in our wedding were a huge success, before we knew it they were all gone. The wedding lasted from 5:00pm to 5:00am. Of course, without Rescue Flats, our guests wouldn't have been able to dance till they drop.

James and Randy

We had 230 guests and ordered enough gold Rescue Flats for over half of the attendees. More than normal. Why? Because it was the union of two men and we knew there would be a lot of women AND men that wanted to dance in golden slippers.

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