tanya & richie's jackson hole wedding, plus their wedding vendor advice

tanya & richie's jackson hole wedding, plus their wedding vendor advice

We first came across images of Tanya & Richie's wedding on Instagram. We loved the emotion, coziness and intimacy of their wedding. Tanya recently opened Gilded Social, a bridesmaid and social occasion dress shop in downtown Columbus, Ohio!

Tanya and Richie were married on October 14th, 2016 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Here Tanya shares how they made their guests feel welcome and their wedding feel intimate, their Rescue Flats display details, and their advice on how to share your wedding vision with your vendors.

Your Names: Tanya & Richie 

Wedding Location: Four Seasons - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Photo Credits:  Pen / Carlson

Tell us about the theme of you wedding, or the general wedding vibe!

We wanted people to feel like they were witnessing a story as it was being told, so we encouraged guests to live in the moment and soak up all the details we meticulously planned that make for good storytelling later.  We also wanted the weekend to celebrate not just us, but also all of the people who had had an impact on our lives before each other and together as a couple.  Every guest was a character in our story we told that weekend. 

The overall look and feel of our wedding was Old Hollywood glamour coupled with Old Western masculinity.  The color scheme was black and copper with hints of antique gold and blush.  Our wedding did not have any one theme but rather combined many that tell the story of us. 

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

When Richie and I took our photos together before the wedding, it was like we were finally at peace.  The planning and events leading up to that moment had been years in the making, and you can even tell by the expression on our faces how much relief we felt to finally be there, celebrating us.  With the mountains in the back, it was just us in our place.  So much of the wedding had been about celebrating everyone in our lives, but that moment was just about us. 

What is your number one best piece of advice for planning a wedding?

Your vendors are not mind readers!  Just because your vendors are fabulous at what they do, doesn’t mean they know exactly what you’re looking for unless you tell them. If you have a specific vision in your head about how something should be – make sure that they understand it by getting it down on paper with inspirational photos to back it up. Don’t be afraid to be specific and particular. 

Why did you choose Rescue Flats for your wedding?

I always bring flats to a wedding to dance in later and sometimes that can be a pain if you don't have a purse big enough to put them in that works with your dress!  I wanted our guests to bring just themselves in a fancy outfit and nothing else, so we provided the rest!

Did you have other wedding favours?

Oh my, yes!  

Our Party Provisions table featured sunglasses, Rescue Flats and heel bags, cigars with custom “Hartman” labels I ordered from Etsy, and matchboxes that I decoupaged with a few of our favorite Paris engagement photos. 

Since we were planning to be outside, we had brought brown and white faux fur blankets to be draped on the back of the ceremony chairs. The blankets featured tags I made using linen and our wedding logo stamp.  To each blanket was a note I printed encouraging guests to give the blankets a little love and then donate them in their community to “spread the love we feel tonight” – a nod to our processional song: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” 

Our welcome boxes were one of my favorite elements of the wedding and I think really helped set the tone for the weekend the way that our invitations did.  We took a lot of care making sure that guests had a little bit of everything they could need and a LOT of information.  No one was going to be left in the dark!  The welcome box was intended to be part of the experience of arriving in Jackson, so each part was carefully orchestrated to require a couple extra seconds to unpack.

Tell us about how you displayed the flats. If you use the box sets for display, did you include any of our printable downloads, or did you have custom-made signs?

Yes - we definitely used the box!  Since I gave out about 15 pairs to my bridesmaids and family before the wedding so I knew they'd have them, we were able to get the rest all into one box.  We had our own signs made and they were displayed on our Party Provisions table.

Did you have any reservations about buying Rescue Flats? How did those feelings change after receiving the flats? What did you like most about the Rescue Flats?

They were so pretty - and worked with my colors perfectly that I never looked back!  What I liked most was the color and the nice display box that was organized by size.  I also LOVED the heel bags - a great touch.

What was the best thing about having Rescue Flats at your wedding?

Just being able to provide something for people at the wedding that made them feel like we had thought of everything and they were taken care of!  I didn't want them to feel like they had to leave for one second to go up to their room to change shoes! 

How did your wedding guests respond to the Rescue Flats?

LOVED them!  There have been a few of my friends who have given out flip flops - but this wedding was so much more formal that the Rescue Flats were the perfect alternative to that.  In fact, I wish I would have gotten more.  I was amazed at how quickly they were taken from the table.  

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Make sure to follow them and get their newsletters so you know when they're having a sale.  And be sure to get a pair for every woman at your party - because EVERYone is going to want a pair!

What other wedding vendors did you love working with? List as many as you like!  

Venue: Four Seasons Jackson Hole
Event Coordinator: Lindsey Nickel, Lovely Day Events
Photographer: Pen / Carlson
Florals: Lily & Co.
Bridal Dress Shop: La Jeune Mariee
Bridal Dress: Legends Romona Keveza

Is there anything you'd like to add?

At midnight, the plan was to play a last dance and then an encore! We figured everyone would want just one more song before heading to the after party on the terrace to wind down. Well, instead of everyone chanting “One More Song” – everyone started chanting “One More Hour!” No one wanted the party to end. That’s the beauty of everyone staying at the place where you’re hosting the event – guests can be carefree and make the celebration really last.


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