sophia & sam's tribeca 360 wedding, plus why they chose rescue flats

sophia & sam's tribeca 360 wedding, plus why they chose rescue flats

We first came across images of Sophia & Sam's wedding on New York Floralist Bride & Blossom's Instagram account. Bride & Blossom also posted about Sophia & Sam's wedding on their blog. We recommend clicking that link so you can scroll through and fall in love with the modern, sophisticated details that reflected the couples style, just like we did!

Sophia and Sam were married in New York. Here, Sophia shares the importance of staying true to what you really want when planning your wedding, their Rescue Flats display details, and why they chose Rescue Flats over flip flops.

Your Names: 

Sophia & Sam

Wedding Location: 

New York City (Tribeca 360)

Photo Credits: Shira Weinberger Photography

New York Wedding At Tribeca 360

Tell us about the theme of your wedding, or the general wedding vibe! 

We wanted to make sure our wedding had a chic, sophisticated, and elegant feel. We focused on keeping colors neutral and timeless (white, black, and silver) and focused on décor that was chic. Our dress code was black-tie in keeping with the elevated feel, but at the end of the day we wanted everyone to have fun. Our band, the MCs (who were two great friends of ours) and the speeches (there were 8!) really set the fun, warm, and sophisticated mood. I had a few guests tell me afterwards they felt it was like the Oscars, which really meant everyone had a great time celebrating with us.

What was your favourite thing about the wedding? 

Seeing everyone we loved and cared for in one room and getting to celebrate with them.

Wedding at Tribeca 360 in New York

What is your number one best piece of advice for planning a wedding? 

Do whatever your heart desires. There are a lot of moving parts and people involved, but at the end of the day, you’ll be the one left reminiscing about your big day, and so long as you stay true to what you want for your special day, you’ll never go wrong.

Why did you choose Rescue Flats for your wedding? 

I had seen at previous weddings I attended, people give out flip-flops for people to continue to dance the night away. As I wanted a more sophisticated look for my wedding, and the after-party was at a club after (actually the club my husband and I met at!), we wanted to encourage everyone to party on, but to not get denied entry because of their footwear. I scoured the internet for a great solution, and Rescue Flats kept coming up. Rescue Flats were the most complete package for me. It was easy to just order a box, and have a suggested number given to me based on the number of guests I had. It was really one of the easiest decisions I made, and in planning my wedding, that was a HUGE benefit.

Rescue Flats Box Set display at a New York Tribeca 360 wedding reception

Did you have other wedding favours? 

We provided everyone with a box of 3 Laduree macarons that had our initials S&S on them for them to take home and enjoy at the end of the evening.

Tell us about how you displayed the flats. If you use the box sets for display, did you include any of our printable downloads, or did you have custom-made signs? 

We used the boxed displays and they were lined up on a table right in front of a decal that included out initials and our hashtag. We used our own custom tags that also included our S&S logo as well as “Thank You” which we added to the string part of the heel bags. It worked out perfectly.

Wedding reception at New York's Tribeca 360

Did you have any reservations about buying Rescue Flats? How did those feelings change after receiving the flats? What did you like most about the Rescue Flats? 

My husband had more reservations that I did. However, after he saw them, and noticed how many guests used them (we were left with only 3 afterwards!), he realized how much value they were for our guests.

What was the best thing about having Rescue Flats at your wedding? 

Nearly every single guest who took a pair of Rescue Flats told me how thoughtful of a wedding favor it was. It really meant a lot as the impression we wanted to leave our guests with was how much we appreciated them as people who have been a major part of our lives and who we are. It was a small token to show our appreciation to the people we cared for most.

How did you wedding guests respond to the Rescue Flats? 

As mentioned above, they loved it and thought it was an incredibly smart and thoughtful gift.

Wedding dance floor at New York's Tribeca 360

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say? 

There is no doubt, your guests will love these and it was very easy to order, display, and use. One of the easier decisions to make!

What other wedding vendors did you love working with? List as many as you like!:

We loved all of our vendors! 

Venue: Tribeca 360

Florist: Bride & Blossom

Hotel: The Beekman Hotel

Photographer: Shira Weinberger Photography

Decals: IDoWeddingDecals

Videographer: The Candi Project (watch the video here)

Music: Reception Band (The Karen Lloyd Band from Hank Lane), Cocktail Hour Jazz Band (Nightingale Jazz Band), and Ceremony Pianist (Sunny Choi)

Invitations: Custom-made by Love by Phoebe (based in Vancouver, Canada) & Calligraphy by Letterlust Designs (Tanya Troung – also based in Vancouver)

Wedding Favors: Laduree Soho NY Additional Décor: (S&S wooden sign and Seating Chart): Jules and Jenn Designs

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