krystle & alexander's toronto wedding, plus their rescue flats display

krystle & alexander's toronto wedding, plus their rescue flats display

Toronto Summer Wedding at Design Exchange | Shlomi Amiga Photographer

Krystle is corporate lawyer turned food, style and travel influencer/blogger living in Toronto, Canada. She describes herself as a dreamer, a free spirit, and a big thinker. One look at her Instagram account will have you wanting to jet to a beautiful tropical location, and eat ALL the food!

Krystle and her husband Alex were married last summer in Toronto and included Rescue Flats as part of their celebration. Here Krystle shares her best piece of wedding advice, how they incorporated Rescue Flats into their wedding, and their Rescue Flats display details.


Your Names:

Krystle & Alexander

Wedding Location:

Design Exchange (located at 234 Bay St. in Toronto)

Photo Credits: Toronto Wedding Photographer Shlomi Amiga


Tell us about the theme of you wedding, or the general wedding vibe!

Greenery was a major theme. The bouquets had lots of greenery, our tables had greenery running down the centre, and we had a large installation hanging from the ceiling above the centre of the dance floor covered in greenery and string lights. Our accent colour was periwinkle.

Dine & Fash Toronto Summer Wedding | Photography By Shlomi Amiga

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

Marrying my husband!

What is your number one best piece of advice for planning a wedding?

Start planning right away and give yourselves more than enough time to plan. Establish a timeline and make sure to stick to it. Enjoy the planning process and don’t leave certain things to the last minute (like we did!).

Toronto Summer Wedding | Photographer Shlomi Amiga

Why did you choose Rescue Flats for your wedding?

Because they are so functional and cute! Our guests absolutely LOVED them. They were one of the highlights of the evening. All the women couldn’t stop raving about how it was such a nice touch and ingenious idea to include them. People were also very impressed with how we displayed them!

Toronto Wedding Rescue Flats Dancing Shoes Display

Did you have other wedding favours? 

Yes, our giveaways were mini caddies of Sloane Tea. We had other special touches, like a cotton candy cart during cocktail hour, and an ice cream/popsicle cart during late night snack time.

Tell us about how you displayed the flats. If you use the box sets for display, did you include any of our printable downloads, or did you have custom-made signs?

We used a custom wooden sign that said "When your feet get sore... grab a pair and dance some more." We placed our Rescue Flats inside the drawers of a vintage dresser and decorated the top with candles and greenery.

Rescue Flats Foldable Ballet Flats Wedding Display

Did you have any reservations about buying Rescue Flats? How did those feelings change after receiving the flats? What did you like most about the Rescue Flats?

Loved everything. Absolutely no complaints.

What was the best thing about having Rescue Flats at your wedding?

The comfort it provided me (the bride) and our guests, so they could enjoy the entire evening without the interruption of sore feet.

How did your wedding guests respond to the Rescue Flats?

They were amazed!

Toronto Summer Wedding at Design Exchange | Photographer Shlomi Amiga

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

This is the one single touch at your wedding that all your female guests will thank you for!

What other wedding vendors did you love working with? List as many as you like!

Emily Hall of Threads & Blooms (florist), Shlomi Amiga  (photographer), Food Dudes (caterers)

Is there anything you'd like to add? 


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