angela & roberto's hotel emma wedding, plus their wedding personality tips

angela & roberto's hotel emma wedding, plus their wedding personality tips

We first came across images of Angela & Roberto's wedding on the blog of the very talented wedding photographer Allison Jeffers. We absolutely fell in love with the unique details and personal touches of this wedding and then flipped out when we noticed that Rescue Flats were included! We knew we had to get in touch with Angela & Roberto to get the scoop on how they incorporated their personality and the things they love into their wedding day. 

Angela and Roberto were married last fall in San Antonio. Here Angela shares why they had their wedding the week of Thanksgiving, their Rescue Flats display details, and their best wedding planning advice.

Your Names:

Angela & Roberto 

Wedding Location:

The Hotel Emma - San Antonio, Texas

Photo Credits:  Wedding Photographer Allison Jeffers

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding Details - San Antonio, Texas | Wedding Stationary Suite and Ceremony Location

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding - San Antonio, Texas

Tell us about the theme of you wedding, or the general wedding vibe!

We chose the week of Thanksgiving for our wedding because we wanted to start our life by sharing what we are thankful for with the people we are thankful to. Pumpkins and pomegranates overflowed from the tables to the ceremony instead of traditional flower arrangements. We opted for 4 long dining tables instead of small round tables so everyone felt equally welcome. It was important to us that our first family dinner was fun and comfortable with food people would enjoy, so we served dinner family style! We got engaged in Italy and we wanted to incorporate that moment so we served our favorite wine from that trip at our reception.

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding - San Antonio, Texas | Unique Wedding Reception Details. Pumpkins and Pomegranates Wedding Tablescape

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

I loved how every moment of our wedding reflected who we are as individuals and as a couple. Like every part of our wedding, my husband and I wanted the ceremony to be personal. We chose to have a short ceremony officiated by my Aunt. We kept the identity of the officiant a secret and it was a really wonderful moment when she came out and surprised everyone. Our dog, Gardener, walked my sister down the aisle (another fun surprise) and wore a garland around his harness in lieu of a boutonniere. 

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding - San Antonio, Texas | Wedding Dog Walking Bridesmaid Down The Aisle

What is your number one best piece of advice for planning a wedding?

Always do what makes you and your fiancée happy, even if others accuse you of flouting tradition. The first day of your life with your partner is an amazing celebration and the only de rigueur at your wedding should be doing what makes you happy. 

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding - San Antonio, Texas | Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses and Fur Stoles

Why did you choose Rescue Flats for your wedding? 

I saw Rescue Flats featured on The Knot Instagram page. At previous weddings, I noticed when couples provide flip flops they didn’t tend to get used because they are hard to dance in and don’t match the formal wear. Rescue Flats look great with women’s formal wear and come with a heel bag to keep your occasion shoes protected.

Did you have other wedding favours? 

We had a caricature artist, Erica Missey, do caricatures of our guests instead of having a photo booth. My husband and I had a caricature done on our engagement trip in Italy and this was another element we brought back from Italy to our wedding.

Tell us about how you displayed the flats. If you use the box sets for display, did you include any of our printable downloads, or did you have custom-made signs?

We displayed the flats on an elegant farm table decorated with the bridal bouquets and an acrylic sign my dad designed reading, “Shall We Dance, A Little Treat for Your Tired Feet”.

Fall Hotel Emma Wedding - San Antonio, Texas | Rescue Flats Wedding Display | Shall We Dance Wedding Sign

Did you have any reservations about buying Rescue Flats? How did those feelings change after receiving the flats? What did you like most about the Rescue Flats?

I knew instantly that I wanted Rescue Flats for my wedding. The happiness and comfort of our guests was the most important thing to us and I knew these would be practical and would not detract from the décor or theme. Plus, I love anything gold!

What was the best thing about having Rescue Flats at your wedding?

Rescue Flats let everyone cut loose during the ceremony! We had a bubble gun exit where everyone was dancing and I’m glad everyone could really dance around and not worry about tripping or getting bubble soap on their shoes.

Fun Wedding Reception Exit at Hotel Emma | Bubble Gun Exit

How did you wedding guests respond to the Rescue Flats?

Everyone loved them! No one had seen them before and they were such a hit that my aunt bought two boxes the next week for my cousins wedding!

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Rescue flats are perfect. They get people talking and dancing!

Fall Wedding at Hotel Emma - San Antonio, Texas

What other wedding vendors did you love working with? List as many as you like!

Venue/ Catering: Hotel Emma
Photographer: Allison Jeffers 
Coordinator: Jen Harbuck - Southern Unique Events
Florals: The Elegant Bee
Caricature Artist: Erica Missey
Custom Crest: Arabella June Designs
Dresses: (Mine and Bridesmaids) BHLDN
Hair: Look Salon by Damian Gonzalez 
Makeup: Katie Steinbach
Robby's attire - Custom J. Hillburn

Is there anything you'd like to add? 

We had a blast on our day because we planned what we liked. Including our dog, elements of our engagement trip, a custom family crest, a family member as the officiant, a cake that wasn’t white (gasp!) and bubble guns (double gasp!) made us happy. Our wedding was as unique as we are; and because we had fun, so did all of our guests!


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