8 ways to show your bridesmaids love on your wedding day

8 ways to show your bridesmaids love on your wedding day

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is all the time you get to spend with your closest friends. Between dress shopping, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and all of the phone calls to chat details, the whole process is filled with quality time with your girls.

When it comes to the big day, we can’t think of a better time to focus on celebrating your bridesmaids. They won’t be expecting it - our guess is that they’re focusing on celebrating you! However, you’ve got an entire day with your girls by your side, so why not show them some love?

8 Ways To Celebrate Your Bridesmaids On Your Wedding Day

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate your bridesmaids on your wedding day:

1. While getting ready, give a mimosa toast to the girls.

Start your day by thanking them for being there for you, and getting pumped to spend the whole day celebrating together.

2. Surprise them with an awesome, thoughtful gift.

While we just love the look of matching floral kimonos for getting ready, consider going the extra mile and getting your bridesmaids gifts that are unique to their personality or your relationship with them.

3. Write them a handwritten note.

Tap into some of that high-school nostalgia and pass them a note while you’re getting ready. Take the time to write out what you love about them, and why you’re grateful for their friendship. We don’t do this often enough!

4. Get them a pair Rescue Flats!

Perhaps we’re biased, but giving your bridesmaids a pair of flats to keep in their purse on the big day means that they can slip out of their heels whenever they need to. They’re just as good for in between bridal party photos as they are on the dance floor!

How To Celebrate Your Bridesmaids On Your Wedding Day | RescueFlats.com

5. Introduce them well.

Write out introductions for each bridesmaid that your emcee will read out, or introduce them personally. Remember that many of your family members won’t know your bridal party or why they’re important to you, so this is a great time to brag about how awesome your girls are. Don’t forget to acknowledge their achievements and milestones! Weddings have a way of overshadowing everything else, so it’s a great time to step out of the spotlight for a moment to acknowledge your friend’s recent promotion, educational achievement or personal milestone.

6. Give them a extra drink tickets or VIP bar treatment.

To keep the party rolling for your bridesmaids, let the bartenders know that they have ‘skip-the-line’ privileges.

7. Play their jam.

You know what song will make your bridesmaids go crazy on the dance floor. Pre-request their favourite songs, and have the DJ give them a shoutout when he/she plays their song.

8. Arrange transport home for them, or book them a room at the venue.

If a take-home service is included in your limousine booking, but you and your new spouse are staying at the same hotel as your reception, get your bridesmaids home safe and sound in the limo. Better yet, book a hotel room for your girls. They’ll be able to party all night, knowing that they’ve got the perfect place to crash.

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