4 traffic flow tips to keep your wedding dance floor packed

4 traffic flow tips to keep your wedding dance floor packed

If you want to plan your wedding reception like a pro, one element that you need to consider is traffic flow. You’re planning a large event, and as a result, you’ll be met with a heavy amount of foot traffic - something that any event planner will consider when arranging a floor plan.

The first thing you need to know about wedding traffic flow is that there are a few items that always draw a crowd.

Food, the bar, bathrooms, and a photo booth or other hands-on entertainment will have people flocking towards them, no matter what.

With that in mind, you can get to work creating a floor plan that will create the kind of celebration you’re envisioning.

What is your vision for your wedding reception? Is it a elegant and relaxed soiree, where people are spread throughout the venue enjoying themselves? Or is your dream an epic dance party where every single guest joins you on the dance floor? Let those visions inspire you as you decide how to manage the traffic flow at your wedding.

Of course, here at Rescue Flats, we’re partial to a wedding with a killer dance floor. In terms of your floor plan, if you want the dance floor to be packed, make sure it’s central.

Dance Floor Location:

When the dance floor is somewhere where everyone can see it, those who are still in their seats will see how much fun everyone’s having on the dance floor, and feel enticed to join in. If it’s tucked in a corner, where guests need to look over their shoulder to see it, people will be less likely to make the effort to join in on the party.

One sneaky way to ensure that the dance floor is packed is to place the dance floor somewhere that the natural flow of traffic crosses. If your guests have to cross the dance floor every time they head to or from the bar, they’ll be much more likely to join in on the fun.

Photo Booths:

If space allows, consider placing the photo booth on the edge of the dance floor. Photo booths are always surrounded by people laughing and goofing around, so it’s great when that mood overflows onto the dance floor. If guests are already on the dance floor waiting for their turn in the booth and an awesome dance song comes on, they’re bound to get their groove on. 


If you’re planning a lounge area, keep it close to the dance floor! If people get into a comfy chair and they’re far away from the dance floor, it may be hard to get them back out there. Placing an eye-catching lounge area close to the dance floor will let guests catch their breath in comfort, before hopping up when the next great song comes on.

The Bar:

Lastly, keep the bar as close to the dance floor as possible! Guests are bound to congregate around the bar, and if they need to walk across the entire room to get to the dance floor, there’s a good chance they’ll just head back to their seat instead. It’s no secret that alcohol and dancing go hand in hand, so ensure that the traffic can flow freely from dancing to drinking - and back again!


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