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"Ladies always seem to have flip flops at their wedding. We're going to take it up a notch."

Rescue Flats TV Spot 

Creative Concepts by Lisa, LLC features Rescue Flats on New Haven, Conn.


November 12, 2017


Host: This looks like something I would love! 

Lisa: Rescue Flats. So, we're getting back to couples saying "we want black tie at our wedding". For while it went away, and it was a little more casual. Now we're getting back to black tie, and as we know, ladies always seem to have flip flops and their wedding. We're going to take it up a notch. Rescue Flats will send you this box, it comes with 20 in the box.

Host: This, I love!

Lisa: They give you the heel bag for your guests.

Host: Excellent!

Lisa: So, 20 heel bags and then you can seen across the front of the box they have it segmented. Small, mediums and large. Inside, there are what looks like little ballet slippers.

Host: Beautiful!

Lisa: And little treads on the bottom. So you're, not sliding around on the dance floor and these are obviously reusable. It's a more elegant twist on what would be the flip flop. If you're having a winter affair, black tie affair any kind of affair. I think this is a really cool option. Obviously more expensive than the flip flop, but I think it elevates the concept.

Host: Well you're doing black tie so sometimes that comes with the territory.

Lisa: So, those are the Rescue Flats.

Host: This! I just love that!

Lisa: Right! So the ladies tend to toss their shoes, all over the floor and it's madness!

Host: I can't tell you, how many times I'm just like carrying them around like this.

Lisa: Exactly! Now you've got this good little bag.

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