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My daughter got married recently at a beach club on the ocean. The dance party / reception was especially fun because our guests were offered Rescue Flats in individual presentation boxes. It was a great touch and the flats went like hot cakes. Sarah (the company's owner) couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating and managed to get the Rescue Flats to us in plenty of time, despite the fact that we ordered them late in the process. I highly recommend this product!

- Happy Rescue Flats Customer, 02/24/2017


I ordered a Scratch and Dent box for half the price. The box was still in very good shape, and everything else looked perfect! However, I had ordered the Lavender, and received the Gold. I reached out to the company via email, and Amber got back to me quickly. She couldn't have been nicer, and sent me another box for the mistake. I am so excited to use these at the wedding!  Awesome customer service at Rescue Flats!

- Kelly, 02/11/2017


Our guests were absolutely thrilled by the flats at our wedding! So many of our lady friends were ecstatic that they could cast aside their heels and give their feet a rest. Such a classy and fun wedding favour! I highly recommend them for any wedding or party - especially one where you'd like to keep people's feet fresh for the dance floor.

- Stacey, 12/07/2016


Gorgeous flats, attentive customer service and fast delivery! Rescue Flats were such an elegant and much appreciated surprise for our guests. The flats themselves are stunning. I was blown away by the high quality of the flats, the lovely display box and the perfect little heel bags. All of the ladies at my wedding absolutely loved the Rescue Flats we provided, which helped to keep our party going til all hours of the night! Many of my guests continue to use their flats at other events and I recently took mine to Las Vegas where they saved my feet once again. Thank you Rescue Flats!

- Jane, 10/19/2016


I received a box of gold rescue flats at the Bridal Expo in Edmonton. We used them at our wedding! They were a huge hit, everyone loved them. Great gift for your female guests. Keeps them on the dance floor longer. We love Rescue Flats and so did our guests! Thank you!

- Happy Rescue Flats Customer, 10/18/2016


Rescue Flats were a fantastic addition to our wedding reception! We heard about them in a Michigan Up North Wedding magazine and loved the idea of providing our wedding guests with a little extra (& fun) gift for the evening. We had about ~130 guests at our reception and we purchased 2 boxes of Rescue Flats -- there were none left over at the end of the evening!! Even my Grandmother was wearing a pair! Our guests loved the idea! The Rescue Flat boxes were elegant and fit in nicely with our fern & wildflower décor. Great company, excellent product, wonderful customer service!! Highly recommend!!

- Happy Rescue Flats Customer, 10/17/2016


We had 2 boxes of Rescue Flats at our wedding almost four years ago and everyone loved them. My granny still has her flats to this day- she keeps them in her purse and wears them as slippers when she's going to people's houses for dinner. They went so fast that I didn't even get a chance to snag a pair for myself! The boxes are beautiful and the ladies behind the company are amazing!! Would definitely purchase from them again and recommend them to other brides.

- Happy Rescue Flats Customer, 10/15/2016


So happy we found RescueFlats! Our guests LOVED them. They were such a hit, and kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. Thank you!!

- Mackenzie, 08/04/2016


Rescue Flats had a "Scratch and Dent" sale with the color (gold) that I had been eyeing for months. The site said that any damage would be limited to the outer box and that the shoes would be in perfect condition. They were true to their word! AND the boxes were barely scratched! They are still extremely nice boxes that I will probably have at the wedding. I am so excited to have fun, fashionable, and reusable flats for my guests so that they can dance the night away without worries! Their customer service has been terrific and they even went out of their way to contact me to make sure I was happy with the purchase. A+ for this company!

- Nicki, 01/04/2016


Rescue Flats were amazingly responsive to questions and requests, and their shoes were so appreciated by our guests...They came in very attractive sturdy boxes marked with sizes. We printed two downloadable signs to stand next to the boxes.

- Happy Rescue Flats Customer, 09/25/2015


This was without a doubt, one of the best choices we made. NOT A SINGLE PAIR WAS LEFT at the end of the night. Some people even wore them to the recovery brunch in the morning. Unlike a lot of foldable flats, these didn't hurt AT ALL or rub blisters on the backs of your heels. I ended up ditching my pretty wedding shoes and putting on a pair of these puppies at the end of the night myself. Every lady in the room was very thankful for a pair of these, and it kept the dancing going on even longer since no one wanted to sit down from sore feet! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

- Courtney, 08/06/2015


We discovered Rescue Flats about a year before my daughter's wedding. Instead of flip flops which you find at many weddings, they were more comfortable and much easier to wear! They were the perfect solution for tired feet and to keep everyone up and dancing - they worked like a charm! Well made, well presented in a very attractive box, assorted by sizes, everyone ran to grab a pair, and in some cases, pairs to pass out to their friends! The service from Rescue Flats was right, efficient and timely! We would definite recommend the quality of these flats to anyone who would like their guests to be surprised with this added treat for the feet!

- Tina, 08/07/2015


For my wedding I placed the beautiful box of Rescue Flats in the women's washroom and it was a total HIT. All the ladies loved them and I have definitely recommended them to other brides. The fact that they provided heel bags as well was a thoughtful detail. Sarah was very quick to respond to my questions and I was happy to support a Canadian company.

- Amy, 04/08/2015


Rescue Flats were such a great addition to our wedding. Guest raved about them and they kept everyone on the dance floor. Also, as a company they are a pleasure to work with- they were quick to respond to emails and helped me make the right selection for my wedding. All in all- great product and great company!

- Jamie, Wedding Date: 11/22/2014


Wow did these come in handy. Even though I specially put on the invitation that high heels were highly discouraged due to uneven terrain, of course women still wore their heels. Every single woman was wearing a pair of these by the end of the night, and everyone could not thank me enough for getting them. Thanks Rescue Flats!

- Priscilla, Wedding Date: 10/11/2014


Rescue Flats were so easy to order and were delivered to my door in under 2 weeks! I can't wait to use them at my wedding!

- Kathryn, Wedding Date: 9/27/2014


Amazing idea for wedding guests! Super cute box and a lovely touch for your special day!

- Monica, Wedding Date: 9/20/2014


The guests raved over their Rescue Flats! They were a nice treat for all those suffering from their dress shoes and the gold matched the accent color of the wedding. After the wedding I had maybe two left over.

- Ashley, Wedding Date: 8/23/2014


I cannot recommend Rescue Flats enough! I ordered them and had them 2 days later in a beautiful box for displaying at my wedding. The shoes themselves are really cute and comfortable.... And guests love them!

- Kim, Wedding Date: 6/28/2014


My daughter's wedding guests were thrilled with Rescue Flats. Word spread quickly and there was a steady flow of high heeled women headed to the washroom where we had Rescue Flats displayed. They were definitely appreciated and used. A great idea - great packaging - great service.

- Diane, Wedding Date: 11/10/2013


As an event planning company, we are always looking for new ways to impress our guests and keep them happy. The Rescue Flats were a HUGE hit! Everyone wanted a pair. They were comfortable and very convenient as one box held many of all sizes. They are a great alternative to flip flops or bare feet.

- Thy, Wedding Date: 10/19/2013


Absolutely loved the shoes; they were such a hit!! Rescue Flats has amazing customer service and worked with me to rush the shoes for my big day!

- Angela, Wedding Date: 06/22/2013


Rescue flats were an awesome addition to the wedding everyone loved it and were talking about it months after the wedding! A dancing crowd loves nothing more than to be comfortable!

- Mireille, Wedding Date: 06/22/2013


Planning weddings is about the details. All of your ideas of your perfect day swarm around your head until you start working on them. The more creative they are, the more work is involved and all of a sudden you have more things to keep track of and you wish you could elope. The Rescue Flats were a beautiful and memorable detail in my wedding, people loved them and they were snapped up immediately. Even my brother decided to don a pair and dance the night away.

The beauty about these is that they come in a great box that needs no adornment, and they are packaged well. You don't even need to think about these again until the day of and it's a load of your mind.

I had every tiny detail mapped in my wedding down to the direction of the bows on the giveaways (if it gives you an indication of the level I needed) and all I did for these was place them on the dance floor after the 3rd or 4th song. Save yourself the headache and grab a box, you will NOT regret it.

- Laura, Wedding Date: 05/18/2013