rescue flats displays: 6 tips from cory christopher

rescue flats displays: 6 tips from cory christopher

We had the amazing opportunity to work with Edmonton based designer Cory Christopher and photographer Jillian Schecher for a recent campaign. Cory and his team created a giant moss wall with a custom "Shall We Dace" sign behind a beautiful dresser overflowing with flowers and Rescue Flats.

Three words for what you're about to see: Wedding inspiration overload!

So many customers saw Cory & Jillian's work on Instragram and reached out with such amazing feedback that we wanted to share more detailed pictures here. Cory was kind enough to pass on some tips for creating the perfect Rescue Flats display.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for an additional checklist to help you recreate your own!

Cory’s 6 tips for the perfect Rescue Flats display:

1. Style does matter.

Ensure the overall vignette captures the wedding theme and style to create a cohesive experience.

2. Hunt around the house.

Why not utilize home decor and accents such as chairs, side tables and a dresser to create an inviting setting for all your guests.

3. The details matter!

Add a whimsical sign to capture the light hearted moment and get people on the dance floor.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Whether it be selecting votives or functional end tables, a unique collection of items will make your vignette more visually appealing.

5. Be creative and fresh!

Floral arrangements will add a finishing touch that every guest will appreciate.

6. Get custom.

Provide tags for your guests to properly label their Rescue Flats heel bags once they have tucked their shoes inside.

Your Rescue Flats display checklist:

  1. Create a backdrop (in our case a moss wall)

  2. Vintage chair (1)

  3. Rustic dresser or table (1)

  4. Side tables (2)

  5. Dining chair (1)

  6. Lighting fixture (1 or 2)

  7. Rug

  8. Dance inspired sign

  9. Small floral arrangements (2)

  10. Glass votives (6 - 8)

  11. Candles

  12. Sharpie pens (4)

  13. Bowl (1) for pens

  14. Tags (50 - 100 so guests can label their heel bags)

  15. Pedestal bowl (1)


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